Led by Cheri Lovell, a veteran nonprofit leader and manager with for-profit background, The Strategic Org offers a range of services to nonprofit organizations, boards of directors, and professional teams. To each engagement, Cheri brings deep skills in the disciplines and interactions of finance and fundraising, marketing and communications, strategy and infrastructure. Where required, she maintains a virtual community of specialist partners to accommodate particular client needs. With experience engaging people across organizational levels, Cheri works to develop a collaborative environment that achieves results to meet today’s needs, and build solutions ready for tomorrow’s demands.


At its best, the nonprofit community dedicates its resources not just to making the world better, but to making daily life better for people and communities in need of support. Some need support that ensures their fundamental human needs are met. Others need allies to amplify their voices everywhere from blogs to boardrooms. And all of us need advocates to build a safer and more just world — where every individual enjoys the freedom to live and love, grow and thrive. That’s why The Strategic Org has taken the 1% Pledge to give back to the nonprofit community with a portion of our time. And why we pledge to work continually to cultivate diversity, equity and inclusion — among our clients and partners, in our marketing and networking, within our circles of influence, and wherever the opportunity arises to use our privilege to make a difference.

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