As a nonprofit, you can take advantage of the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at no cost for the first 10 licenses! Cloud-based and almost infinitely adaptable, Salesforce gives even small nonprofits a huge opportunity to power up their data collection, constituent management, and impact measurement. Nothing to install, accessible anywhere, scalable, mobile. No wonder 99% of Fortune 100 companies choose Salesforce for their data needs.

Your organization can take advantage of a host of features designed to meet the needs of nonprofits, including —

  • a highly customizable and secure system that gives you a 360° view of your clients and supporters, your donations and grants, your events and programs — nearly every aspect of your organization’s business 
  • add-on options from Salesforce that meet particular nonprofit needs, including program management, outbound funds, secure web portals, and more
  • automatic system upgrades three times each year, ensuring ongoing enhancements and user-requested features at no additional cost
  • integrated analytics, with flexible and powerful reporting tools
  • virtually unlimited opportunities for time-saving process and task automation
  • built-in mobile accessibility for iOS and Android devices
  • a universe of third-party apps that enhance and extend your database, including online and text giving, marketing, event registration, project management, and more

Whether you’re looking for contract administrator services, migrations from other systems, or a fully new implementation of Salesforce, contact The Strategic Org to discuss your options — and opportunities!

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As part of its commitment to a 1-1-1 model of philanthropy — giving 1% of equity, product and time — Salesforce offers any official nonprofit 10 free enterprise-level licenses for its cloud-based software, along with deep discounts on additional licenses and services. While some nonprofits may prefer the standard database, most opt to install the free Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) — an overlay that customizes Salesforce to meet the needs of nonprofits with donors, members, grants, and more.

With deep nonprofit experience, The Strategic Org knows the questions to ask to ensure the success of your Salesforce implementation to help your organization work more collaboratively, more efficiently, and with more impact. Whether you’re converting from another system or gathering all your spreadsheets and contact lists into one database, check out the short descriptive video below, then contact The Strategic Org to discuss your goals. 

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Whether you’ve just begun to consider database options or you’ve already started your 30-day free trial, now is the best time to discuss your implementation with an experienced Salesforce.Org Partner. Even a call to the Salesforce 800 number won’t prove as productive as a conversation with someone certified and experienced — not just in nonprofit implementations, but in the processes, practices and business needs of nonprofits themselves. Reach out to us today! Consulting Partner badge
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