With deep experience from the local to the international, The Strategic Org can support organizations across a range of needs and channels —

  • strategy development & planning
    From blue ocean visioning to tactical planning, refine your strategy and operations by focusing on what you do best.
  • fundraising & finance
    Explore your fundraising options, plan and execute a special campaign, build a comprehensive annual program, and analyze your financial flows for greater effectiveness.
  • marketing, channels & content
    Refine or refresh your brand, conduct a communications audit, ensure consistency, and take advantage of the channels that make the most sense for you.
  • board development & training
    Develop your board members’ knowledge and skills for more effective governance with training in board roles, policy development, fundraising and advocacy, financial statement savvy, and more. 

Where can your organization refine its focus, strengthen its message, and maximize its impact? Contact The Strategic Org to discuss your needs and opportunities.